Contract Management and Compliance Solutions
  1. Contract Management Selection
    We have over 30 years of implementing Contract Management solutions for all industries. From RFQ to final selection process we can lead an engagement at the fraction of the price of other consultants.
    The market has many offerings that can be confusing to navigate. Our team can help you focus on the solution that is right for your company.
  2. Contract Management Assessment
    We can provided an assessment of your current contract management, rebating, chargeback and government pricing/compliance solutions Are you receiving the ROI that you were promised by your software vendor,
    Too often manufacturers are promised a solution that never delivers. Whether you are using an outsourced solution or have purchased a 3rd party tool, 12 Shares can help you assess if you are using the solution to its fullest advantage.
  3. Supplemental Staffing
    12 Shares can help you supplement you team with skilled Subject Matter Experts in various areas.
    We have expertise in the following areas: Customer and Membership Management Formulary Management and Compliance Contract Management Rebate and Administration Fee Analysis and Processing Chargeback Administration and Processing Medicaid Rebates 340B Management
  4. Training
    Our team has years of training experience with both small and large companies.
    Some of our Training Sessions include: Complex Contracting for Manufacturers Chargebacks Managed Care Contracting for Manufacturers Medicaid and Government Contracting 101 Revitas Flex Classic CARS
Helping you with your Contracting and Compliance Needs